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    Good Friday Morning

    Good morning!
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    Good Sunday morning

    Good morning to all. Happy running!
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    ISO Cadalac bred dog

    ISO of CADALAC bred gyp. May be interested in a male too.
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    2019 AKC Derby Females for Sale

    Are by chance, either one of these still available?
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    Kennel Blindness

    My take on this is that hounds are like children. Parents will from time to time brag on their children. Does that make them the best? No, but the parents are still proud of them. I think that hounds that make their owner proud are the same in that regard. As long as the owner is happy with his...
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    The Future

    Here is the start and future of my kennel
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Nice looking pair! What is price and location?