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    Good Morning Monday

    Good morning Andrew
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    A classic Video

    That was fun to watch and listen to.
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    Good Saturday Morning

    Good morning
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    Good Morning Fruday

    Good day Andrew
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    Honoring our Oklahoma Beagle Club Hunt test winner

    Congrats! Their pack had the best run and they’re also a good looking pack of hounds. Judges did an excellent job. I think everyone had a good time.
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    Running With George

    They did a nice job working across an area that held no scent. Burnt areas are hard for the hounds to navigate. Nice pack of hounds!
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    Good Monday Morning

    Good morning Andrew
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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning.
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    Good Saturday Afternoon

    Good afternoon Andrew
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    Good Friday Morning

    Good morning
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    Good Wednesday Morning

    Good morning Andrew. Have you been running hounds lately?
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    Good Tuesday Morning to everyone

    Good morning everyone
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    Good Monday Morning

    Good morning everyone
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    Good Monday Morning

    Good morning
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    Video From January

    I thought they looked good. Nice trio of hounds!