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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    I have decided it’s time to apologize to Ed for allowing this to continue. Rebel is right sometimes I can be a little slow at doing things. Thing is it’s easy to identify a parasite. Rebel is a parasite. A lunatic. It’s time to exterminate him. I’m taking this action on my own Rebel. I would say...
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Lol . Andrew is a good teacher. But the day a goob like you can block me from seeing what’s going on here will be the last day I come here. Fact!
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Ignore? Why would I let someone go around insulting our good members. I think it’s funny. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. I surely hope there’s no way for him to block me from seeing anything. That would be unacceptable.
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    Wife has been sick, lots better now.

    I hope she is better. You do a good job . Thanks for all you do.
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    Good Saturday Morning

    Good morning
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Well that might work if I was just another member of this site. But I am not. I’m responsible for making sure folks like you don’t get too out of line. So it’s on you Rebel.
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    Upcoming litter!

    We bred Clifford to Ann. Pups should be medium speed Gundog Brace type hounds. $250 at 8 weeks old. Will be wormed and up to date on vaccinations.
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    Running a trio yesterday

    Tonka Amy and Holly
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    Blackcreek Three Pack

    Good looking trio! Throw one more in there and come run a two- couple pack with us. We have one coming up November 2nd
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    Good Morning Friday

    Good morning everyone!!
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Very good advice. For you.
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    Good Thursday Afternoon

    Good day!!!!
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Thanks for your clarification. I stand by that first sentence in my post. I believe I nailed it! No doubt you have many things folks can learn from you. Some teach us what to do and others teach us what not to do. But something of value can be learned from anyone, even you.
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    Rebel you suck and have no class at all. This man obviously sold you a hound that was to his liking and you do your best to destroy his reputation. I just imagine I would find his hounds more to my liking than the ones you inbreed so extensively.
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    Good Wednesday Morning

    Good morning Andrew