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  1. andrew

    Good Monday Morning

  2. andrew

    Good Morning/Afternoon Sunday

    Hope you are having a great day, and weekend.
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    Vote for your choice for our June 2019 Hound of the Month

  4. andrew

    Good Friday Morning to everyone

  5. andrew

    Good Thursday Morning to everyone

  6. andrew

    Happy Wednesday Morning

  7. andrew

    Good Tuesday Morning

  8. andrew

    Good Monday Evening

    That is great. There was a hay shortage here for awhile, but going to be better this year because of the rains.
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    Good Monday Evening

  10. andrew

    Good Sunday Morning

  11. andrew

    Good Saturday Afternoon

  12. andrew

    Good Friday Morning

  13. andrew

    Good Thursday Afternoon

    Good Afternoon. We're running late today. I hope everyone is having a great Thursday.
  14. andrew

    Good Morning Tuesday

  15. andrew

    Good Monday Morning to everyone

    It is May 6th, 2019. Time is flying by for sure..... Hope all is well, and you are enjoying your family, friends, and beagles.
  16. andrew

    Good Sunday Morning

    Have a great Sunday. Enjoy family and friends. happy Beagling.
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    Good Saturday Morning

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    Good Friday Morning

  19. andrew

    Good Thursday Morning

    Have a great day.
  20. andrew

    Our May Hunter Spotlight photograph

    This is Bob Wyatt on a swamp rabbit hunt this past year