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  1. maokusa

    Upcoming litter!

    We bred Clifford to Ann. Pups should be medium speed Gundog Brace type hounds. $250 at 8 weeks old. Will be wormed and up to date on vaccinations.
  2. maokusa

    Running a trio yesterday

    Tonka Amy and Holly
  3. maokusa

    Upcoming hunt test

    Central Oklahoma Beagle Club is hosting a licensed AKC Two couple pack hunt test November 2nd At 32007 Prospect Rd. Macomb Ok 74852 entries close at 8:00 am. Judges will be Chad Nolan and Joe Freeman. Entry fee is $30.00 per pack. A pack consists of 4 dogs male or female do not have to be owned...
  4. maokusa

    Best way to showcase our hounds

    I have over the years attended many beagle field trials. I have seen many outstanding individual hounds. It takes a special kind of hound to perform well in a trial setting. I have seen hounds look fabulous one day and the next time I saw them they looked rattled and didn’t perform well at all...
  5. maokusa

    Wilson Bros Tonka

    Tonka is not a champion of any kind but he is a rabbit hound. He runs medium speed varying quite a bit depending on the scent conditions. Most of the hounds in our kennel have some of Tonka’s blood in them.
  6. maokusa

    One of our pups

    Wilson Bros Gunner
  7. maokusa

    Tonka and Buck braced

    Scenting was bad
  8. maokusa

    13” lemon and white female

    Wilson Bros Golden Starlite 13” female. I believe she will Trial in the Spo UGBF format. She is 3 years old. She’s a good mother dog has had two litters. My friend Bobby has had her for the last two years and is getting out of Beagles. I have her at my house. Mannford Oklahoma my number is...
  9. maokusa

    Mid July running!

    Our young hounds!
  10. maokusa

    Summer running!

    A little bit of me and my brother Jimmy’s running today. We had an east wind and very hot conditions this morning. Buck Yoshi and Pancake are young but getting better each time out.
  11. maokusa

    Summer road crossings!

  12. maokusa

    Summer running!

    Road crossings!
  13. maokusa

    My derby male

    Wilson Bros Red Rufus
  14. maokusa

    My project

    Wilson Bros Red Yoshi
  15. maokusa

    One of our Red females.

    Wilson Bros My Amy.
  16. maokusa

    Ran with Bobby

    I took Tonka and Peanut Butter. Bobby had his trio Lucky Starlite and Rusty
  17. maokusa

    Our 2-couple pack

    A few years ago we decided we was going to get us a matching pack of red dogs. Through breeding and selecting we have got them close to looking and running like we wanted. Between me and my younger brother we now have 15 red dogs counting pups and all. Here is a video of 4 of our males running.
  18. maokusa

    Running a brace

    Running my two older males in a brace.
  19. maokusa

    Short clip of a trio

    Tonka Rufus and Molly
  20. maokusa

    Ran hounds with Bobby

    We ran 3 hounds each which made a 6-pack. This is some of the video we got.