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    Good Tuesday Afternoon

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    Monday Morning Again

    Good Morning & Afternoon everyone. Hope your day and week goes well.
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    EZ and Abby

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    Good Sunday Morning to everyone

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    Good Saturday Morning

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    Good Friday Morning

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    Good Thursday Morning to everyone

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    Good Wednesday Morning

    Good Morning Everyone.
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    Good Tuesday Morning

  10. andrew

    Father to daughter?

    OK, here is a question that comes from thinking about what I wrote. You have a male with bad gene A. You have a female with also gene A, If you breed this male to this female, will all puppies produced have gene A?
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    Good Monday Morning

    Have a great Monday and week. Enjoy your family, friends, and hounds.
  12. andrew

    Father to daughter?

    Two recessives, one from each parent will bring out a fault. I don’t even know if my using the word recessive is correct. We will use the term here in this post anyway. I am thinking, breeding with heavy culling will eventually eliminate those recessives. Something tells me that it is...
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    Who comes here that never goes to the Facebook group?

    I would like to keep the site, but I am discouraged that it is so slow. We tell our group members to sell their dogs and pups here, yet I just looked and it appears only a couple have tried do that. I will keep something up, just not sure I will invest the time to update a monthly logo. I am...
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    Who comes here that never goes to the Facebook group?

    Are there users here that are not members of our SUTM FB group? We may discontinue our website. It makes little since to keep it active when only a couple of people logon here daily if they can also stay in touch on Facebook. Unfortunately,. No decision has been made. We are asking for...
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    Breeding Pair (Otis, Cody, Stubby)

    I think it wiser for me not to post anything in here at all, but one thing should be mentioned, and that is there is an ignoring feature where you can, in your profile, ignore another users posts. If two users are in a constant fault finding mode or throwing rocks at each other, perhaps, for...
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    Good Saturday Morning

    Good Morning
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    Wife has been sick, lots better now.

    I am behind on the September logo work on the forum. I will try to get on it this weekend. Wife has been sick so I was doing all the work.
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    Good Saturday Morning

    Have a great day, and weekend!
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    Good Morning Friday

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    Good Thursday Afternoon