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You want a better rabbit dog. The only problem with many beagler's way of thinking is how great certain
bloodlines are and how some can influence their hounds..not so..The
difference between truth and fiction is that fiction has to be
believable, there are much more fiction than truth in the sport of
beagling, and how to get the type rabbit dog or trial hound you appreciate,
and when it comes right down to it, i think the majority already know
this???? Be it Bramlett. Oakhill, Branko, and a host of other hounds and
bloodlines that has made a name for themselves in the past.You may have
gathered together the ultimate pedigrees, but two things, you are not
paying close enough attention to, or hate to turn loss those dollars to
have verification of, is DNA and COI of each of those individual hounds,
you wish to get a litter from.Remember the truth is what anyone wants it to
be, but the facts still remain the facts!!!

Looks like i will be given many of you a rest, as i have this last year, and y'all will not have to view comments from the REBEL, what some think is junk, it maybe, but i have accomplished one goal i set out to accomplish in rabbit dogs, and i am now on another quest in beagles, which will give others a chance again to attempt to match my accomplishment, but i will be hospitalized for some time after next month,11/18, and in rehab much longer, but my genetics continue to survive and improve.Once i get back physically active, i will outline my next venture in rabbit dogs, and you can bet, i shall accomplish it!!!


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Glad to hear from you Rebel. I have never considered your thoughts and ideas to be junk. One thing I have learned from you is if you have a goal you must focus on that goal and make all those decisions for yourself. I wish for a full recovery for you. I had a new litter born last night. All red which is a goal of mine and out of our best young male and what I consider a solid little female. I am keeping them all for myself and starting them I’m naming my favorite male out of this litter Red Rebel. I look forward to seeing you later on and hope you feel like visiting and contributing here from time to time. Good luck my friend!


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I never heard anyone call your ideas junk. I have heard people say they do not agree with you, but it is and would be a big mistake to discount what you have to say. We are all learning, some of us, like myself, more than others, and we need your inputs. If someone does not want to listen and think about what you say, it's their loss.

I hope you recover fully. I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers for awhile now. Out of sight and not here did not mean out of memory. I hope to see you get better and better with time.