FCGD GRPCH WORLDPCH Nationals Champion Show Me’s Crank.


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Crank is an upper medium speed dog with good hunt, line control, a strong nose, close check work and most importantly has the brains to adjust to running conditions. He can run the front with faster dogs and make the quick turns or gear down and walk the track out when scenting calls for it. For as much success he has had in trials he has done even better under the gun. Crank is always the first to load in the dogbox come November. In a matter of a month he has had cottontail, snowshoe hare, and swampers all shot over him, showing his versatility. His first crop of pups are just ready to hit the trials, with some already placing in Progressive Pack, Performance Pack, and on the bench.



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I recognize some of the names in the pedigree. This hound could be what someone is looking for to be a stud dog for their female. I agree with Mike, a good looking hound.