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Honoring our December Beagler of the Month, Santa Claus from the North Pole Beagle Cluib

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Santa Claus
Interview form for Straight up the Middle Website.
1.How long have you been in Beagling? I found my first orphaned beagle puppy back in the year of 1823
0.How did you get introduced to Beagling? After finding the orphaned puppy I noticed him trailing and chasing rabbits around the North Pole. The next year on Christmas Eve I found two more orphaned puppies and brought them home and that was the start of my pack.
0.How many hounds do you normally keep in your Kennel? I usually keep 12 one for every month of the year.
0.What bloodlines did you use to start your breeding program? My Beagles are made up of orphans I really don’t know their origins.
0.What age and how do you go about evaluating your young hounds? My puppies run and play until that magic day they decide they are born to be rabbit dogs. I spend most evening watching them run and play. All my puppies are good at something each one is useful in their own special way.
0.What method do you use for starting pups. There is plenty of open area to roam at the North Pole I let them play and be puppies until they decide they want to become hunters and rabbit dogs
0.What do you consider the most important trait in a Beagle? I want happy Beagles a happy beagle is a good beagle
0.Have you trialed? No the North Pole is far away from where trials are held.
0.Do you Trial at this time? I only pleasure run and hunt.
0.Is there a Beagler you admire or look up to? And why? I look up to all Beaglers Beagles are my favorite hound and I am especially fond of those that keep and care for beagles.
0.What is the best hound you have owned? The would have to be Rudolph the red nosed beagle. Rudolph was blessed with an especially powerful nose when he was a puppy all the other puppies laughed and called him names they never let poor Rudolph play in any of their beagle games. Then one bitter cold and frosty morning I went out to the kennel and asked Rudolph to lead my pack that day he was the only one that could smell enough scent to track that morning and merrily led the pack on the rabbit chases. He was pretty much the leader of the pack from then on.
0.How do you prepare a hound to perform at its best? Everyone knows I use supplements that are magic and give my reindeer the ability to fly. I use the same thing on my Beagles. I also put jingle bells on my hounds it’s a merry sound hearing them bay and jingle along the way.
0.What is your basic breeding philosophy? I breed for happy Beagles. The happiest male to the happiest female has always produced happy puppies
0.What qualities would you look for in a hound you might buy to add to your current breeding program? I have never bought a hound. If I find an orphaned puppy that needs a home I will add those to my pack
0.What is in your opinion the best hound you have seen run? Rudolph he is a special hound
0.There are many different styles of beagles being ran now days. How do you describe your hounds? Some folks have some very fast Beagles but Santa has the only ones that fly.
0.What advice would you give to a beginner? Be good and happy with your Beagle and Your beagle will be good and happy for you.
0.Anything you would like to add? Merry Christmas to all the Beaglers and Beagles around the world