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Honoring our May 2018 Beagler of the Month Tom Dornin

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Featured Beagler May 2018

Tom Dornin in my opinion has to be considered one of the top breeders of hunting beagles of all time. He stood by what he wanted in a hunting Beagle when it was popular with the trialers to slow them down to a walk. He really had only about 15 years of active breeding, and got to produce only about 6 generations of his line, but he created history. Starting with brace trial bred females back in the 1960s when it was still possible to find a few brace hounds suitable for hunting, Tom crossed them to show bred hounds to create his own strain of beagle. And then he advertised heavily, and wrote books, magazine articles, and corresponded with people all over the country in an effort to bring back the beagle as something useful to a gun hunter. Many of the Little Ireland hounds were popular with the early gundog field trialers, nearly all of whom were hunters first and trialers second.

Tom Dornin wanted to breed for a dual purpose hound that was show quality and could also run a rabbit. I only saw a couple of hounds out of his stock run but they were very nice hounds ran with good line control and moved at a medium to medium fast pace. The ones I saw and according to the pictures I have seen they were beautiful hounds.