Honoring Our November Beagler of the Month, John Taylor from Acadiana Beagle Club


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I have owned my own beagles for 56 years, my Grandfather gave me a pair of male Beagle pups when I was 10 years old. I normally have 6 to 10 beagles. I usually only breed for one litter a year, start them all and select the ones I want to keep. In my early years I owned grade beagles. Around 1975 I started with registered beagles which were Traditional Brace rejects. Mostly of Pearson Creek breeding. I kept this line for several years, enjoyed myself at the trials, made winners pack with them many times, but just couldn't get enough done in an SPO format winners pack to win. Some of these dogs were bred to FC Indian Hills Major giving them the speed needed and I did win a few trials with them, but I never was a big time Field Trialer. They were great gundogs though, which I was more of a gunner then a Field Trialer at the time. I try to get my pups started at around 6 months old. At around a year old I can usually tell if they will mature into good gundogs or possible Field Trial dogs. At my age now I prefer to have someone else start my pups so I send them to someone with an enclosure as I don't have my own. Once started I enjoy running them and seeing them develop. I love hunt in my beagles, with line control, and a clean mouth. I like a medium speed dog with accomplishment, one that can keep that same rabbit running until I am ready to pick it up.
At this time I only make our Beagle Club's Field Trials. We run two AKC Licensed SPO Trial a year, Two TCP format licensed Trials a year and a Derby Trial.
I have always admired Purvis Bertrand, He has given me many tips on what to look for in a good Field Trial Beagle, SPO style and TCP style. I have bought several dogs through the years from him which were always really nice dogs that I have had fun with.
I would say the best Beagle I have ever owned, This is hard to answer since I have owned some really nice gun dogs, but the one that stands out the most is a male by the name of Campy's Toby. He was Sired by FC J R's T J and his Dam was a female I had given to Dudley Auzenne as a pup which was off of a female that Purvis Bertrand had bred and sold me. This male gave me a lot of fun at the trials, but was a rabbit hunters dream dog. He had it all, Hunt, Line Control, Beautiful honest mouth, handled great. If he could hear me I could call him off of a line. He would not run off game. He would tattle on others, as he would come in if they were on off game. When a rabbit was killed he would retrieve it to me. I was brought the rabbit even if someone else killed it. You didn't have to beg this dog to hunt, he lived to hunt.

At this time I don't run my dogs very much, usually once a week, but do get out twice a week at times. It isn't enough running to really condition a dog for trials, but a good dog is a good dog and will give you his best every time out. If you are going to be successful at the trials a dog needs to be run, run and run some more. With the little running I do these days I get lucky with a good one and make winners pack and place on occasion.

When buying a Beagle I look for one that will complement the ones I own already, again line control with accomplishment and a fairly clean mouth.

I cannot answer on breeding philosophy, as I never considered myself a breeder. I usually bred within my own kennel and hoped for the best.

I have seen so many good hounds run there are to many to mention.



This was my male off of FC Shots Robo, He had a most unique voice, sounded like a train whistle. He was very special to me, but unfortunately He died of kidney failure at about 5 years old, just a few months after this win!! His Name was KC's Cajun Land Robo. I sometimes feel as if I hear his voice in the pack. His bottom side was Peppermint Paddy



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Excellent article I enjoyed learning a little about Mr Taylor. I hope to meet him in person someday.


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I could be wrong but I think the pictures of John and the group are reversed...read the hats...John is a great guy!


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You were right. I never noticed it myself. Thank you for pointing it out. I think it is fixed on FB, and on here as well.


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Since we are honoring John Taylor, Chuck Kerley offered two videos he recorded at one of the Acadiana Beagle Club fun trials. If anyone has questions, I am sure Chuck would be glad to answer them


I too have never met "Mr. John" but have called on him several times for help with Beagles either Health related or for Pedigrees and has always been more than accommodating. Our sport is MUCH better with Mr John