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(KENTUCKY) FC Oneway Money Twister

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FCGD ONE WAY MONEY TWISTER, 12 3/4" . Twister has one thing in mind when he is turned loose, its finding a rabbit and running him. Twister has extreme desire and hunt. He handles extremely well, and most of all is Deer Proof. He will come back to you if the pack starts a deer. Twister finished for his FC Title with Four wins and 180+ points!!He placed third runner up at the 2012 AKC Nationals running with a severely cut pad, showing his heart and determination. Twister's pups are showing great hunt, and Line Control with big noses. Twister like his Sire Darey Does On The Money is producing top quality offspring. Twister will be with Rod Moore in Eastern Ky. as long as we see the desire to breed to him. Thanks for considering Twister on your best Bitches!!!!! Harry Nolan, owner Stud Fee $200 + Negative Brucellosis test please. Twister is in Pike County Ky 'Eastern Ky' Rod Moore 606-353-9061 iPhone text 606-213-0140 Email shadymtn@suddenlink.net