Latest strain of Parvo explained


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I don’t think the vaccines are as effective against this new strain. It’s a very aggressive virus. I lost a couple of pups last year. One I brought in from another kennel. I believe it brought the virus. I lost a pup that had been given two puppy vaccines and we had not lost a pup like that in many years. We added a neo par vaccine at 4 weeks to combat this virus. Before we gave the 5-way vaccines at 6 and 8 weeks. Then on the ones we kept for ourselves we gave the 9-1 at 16 weeks but have also added another 5-way at 10 weeks. So far we have had no issues. But viruses mutate and when they do our pups are not protected
I want 3 shots in before a pup leaves to give it a good fighting chance. Too many new owners don't follow through with vaccinations.