Our August 2019 Spotlight Hunter Photograph


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Our Photo of the Month for August is “Start ‘em young”.
These are Brandon Mace’s sons holding two pups from their latest liter.
My boys are Stetson (4) and Raylan (2) and they love to tag along running dogs. Those pups are some we raised out of a male that is Nip Otis top and bottom and the female is a half sib to Wilson Bros Beau but she is grade. We are the only beaglers in this area so we don’t have much competition for hunting spots but the closest trials for us to go to are 5+ hrs away so we don’t run our dogs competitively. Just for pleasure, but we go as often as we can. Beagles are hard to find in this area so most of the dogs we have are northeast Oklahoma and northern Missouri origin and we are going to build off of what we have and keep breeding for the traits that we find desirable in our dogs.