Plan, just a heads up.


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I am planning to change this forum to a beagle buy, sell, and trade board.
We are looking at a couple of months , maybe less, of coding work. Spare time only so it won’t be days, more like weeks or a month or two.
Hello Andrew. You, Mike and others have clearly explained, many times, why NOT to use the FB site for such matters... And to use this board (or a PM) instead. Yet there's been no noticeable increase in actiivity from those specific (beagle buy, sell, and trade) re-directs. I hope whatever you choose to do with this site succeeds.

Something I saw (once upon a time on FB) that seemed to catch attention rather fast was a hound auction site. Perhaps something similar added to the usual beagle buy, sell, and trade forums might help... And, who knows, maybe even cause some discussion :)


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Hurricane Creek, there is still an auction selling dogs on FB. It is quite busy. How do they get away with it? Is a sale by auction not considered an animal sale by FB?
FB is strange.
I think we can see that we're not going to have much success here. Everyone wants to be on FB and other social sites. I think the day of private forums like this one may be over. I do know of a couple of large forums that seem to be doing well, but quite a few of the ones I knew about no longer exist. Any ideas why FB doesn't do anything about the auction selling, but threatens to shut our group down if we allow any dog sales?
I don't know why FB shuts down some and not others. Likely it's "who they catch" in the big FB sea when posts call repeated attention to the group. These days people "do their talking" on FB (or similar) so the board has to provide other services/entertainment to draw participation. Too often the "entertainment" they seek is drama -- and the more the merrier!

The evening hound auction is one idea -- once a week like Taco Tuesday (lol) but not on Fri thru Mon (trial days).

SUTM-FB currently does written "interviews"... Can you stream live interactive video interviews from this site (Thurs Nite Fights)?

Break the "For Sale or Trade" into geographic areas that make sense and promote "run before you buy."

Establish a directory of reputable kennels/sellers and maintain it. Ask yourself what you would want to know and then set it up that way. Allow pics, links to peds, etc.

Update and maintain a "services" directory, add guides and other hunting services.

Collect and publish trial results in near real time.

Someone always looking for pedigree info so a good, free ped generator and database might help some.

Add links to all major registry and association sites.

Publish a digital magazine? (Example pdf file too large -- go to FB "Hark-N Hare and Rabbit Kountry-Northeast Group" and see their HARK-N issue.)

Move the "stories", "hound of the month", etc off SUTM-FB to this site.

I think most people want to talk about themselves and showcase their hounds. So how can you give them what they want, in a way that works for most people (starting with YOU)?

And the members on the FB site need to come here and help you out more... Just some of my thoughts.