Preventing heart worms


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I was doing some research about ivermectin in preventing heart worms in my beagles and thought this information at the link looked like a good conversation starter. It is only this person’s opinion, and he is not a Veterinarian. This is why inputs are needed by you. If you disagree have a better method, we would like to hear it. Maybe some of us can learn something of value. Also, when we have more than 4 dogs, it gets expensive. It is my hope that this discussion will help.


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Good article Andrew thanks for sharing. I use more than they recommend and have never had any problems but I only use ivomec during mosquito season


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As some would expect, i will make my comment..sense i have used ivomec on all species of animals, domestic and exotic, never had a problem, i have read that certain types of domestic dogs do have a problem with ivomec. If you give ivomec just prior to a dog being 6 months old it will not have heart-worms, of course you give it each month thereafter.If your dog just happens to get or have heart worms, there is a simple cure, and will not cost you a vet bill that just may kill your dog..My method is 1 cc per adult beagle, yes much more than most, and a heck of a lot more that is recommended by some, but it works for me and i have never had a problem using that amount..There is a couple methods for eradicating heart worms, same as there are ways to cure all types of mange, and proven methods, Vets will not tell you that and there has been a few Vets that tell their clients one type mange can't be cure, and has recommended to spay the female if she gets it Vets like Doctors are not going to go into detail about many things we should be aware of.You own your dog,you house it and feed it, therefore you are the decision maker for your dog..If i can ever be of help just ask...REBEL
PS..Yes a good article but i felt i had to add my way and opinion..